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Corporate Officer Screen

RecruitScreen offers an extensive selection of corporate officer screening services that are essential to any business background screen. Corporate officers are at the center of the companies that you may be choosing to acquire or do business with and it is important to determine that they are qualified and reliable individuals. We offer many different kinds of screening, including criminal court background checks at the federal, state and county level, social security number verifications, personal credit reports and motor vehicle reports. Choose from any of our packages or customize your own package that best suits your needs.

Criminal Court Background Checks:

Protect your company from potential violence, theft and fraud by ensuring that the corporate officers of your business associates do not have a criminal conviction record using our FCRA compliant criminal background checks at the federal, state and county level.

At the federal level, RecruitScreen checks for any felonies or misdemeanors against records from all over the country. RecruitScreen offers comprehensive searches in all 50 states, including Washington D.C., based mostly on the officer's address and employment history. County criminal background checks are often the most thorough searches and we recommend these to all of our clients.

Civil Court Searches:

Determine whether your applicant has any legal actions filed in their name or in the name of any business that they have been associated with. Oftentimes, court issues will not come up in criminal background checks, so it is important to research the civil court system as well. RecruitScreen searches civil court records at the federal and county level.

Social Security Verification:

Confirm the validity of your applicant's identity with a social security number verification. This is an extremely important aspect of business screening and will protect against the use of a fraudulent identity. Social security verification also brings up address history which helps to narrow down what areas should be focused on in the corporate officer screening process. This service is included in all of our packages and we highly recommend it to our clients.

Credit Report:

Find out how trustworthy your potential business partner is by researching their credit history. This service will unearth any delinquencies, judgments, liens and bankruptcies in your applicant's past and will help you to determine if they are financially responsible. RecruitScreen's credit history reports are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Driving History:

RecruitScreen's driving history service will search driving and motor vehicle records information to pull up any minor traffic violations as well as accidents, DUI's and revoked licenses of a corporate individual. This service is valuable in determining how responsible an applicant may be.

Sex Offender:

It is extremely important to do business with individuals that will not pose a threat to your company or your clients and customers. An instance of sexual harassment in your workplace can lead to a loss of employee morale, higher turnover, costly lawsuits and a negative public image. Protect your workplace from doing business with a convicted sex offender by running a sex offender check. RecruitScreen can search the national sex offender registry or perform a sex offender registry search at the state level.

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