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In today's workplace, it is difficult to ensure that the information on the resumes and applications of potential employees or business partners is accurate and truthful. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 70% of college students admitted that they would lie on a resume in order to get a job. Fortunately, RecruitScreen offers many verification services that your company can use to aid you in making the right hiring decisions.


Verify your applicant's employment history as well as the quality of their job performance with RecruitScreen's employment verification and employment reference check. Our employment verification will provide information such as place of employment, dates of employment, job title and reasons for leaving. RecruitScreen also offers a more detailed employee reference check which allows you to customize questions for your applicant's previous employers to ensure that you feel confident in who you hire to become a part of your team.

For complete verification of your applicant's resume, we also recommend education verification, reference checks, address history and social security number verification. 50% of all resumes and applications contain fabrications


All too often, applicants will falsify their education credentials on their resumes. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the most commonly misrepresented aspect of an applicant's resume is their education. Education verification is often overlooked, but in order to ensure that the people you hire are truly qualified to do the job, it is a vital step in the employment screening process. RecruitScreen will verify the institutions attended, dates of attendance, graduation and degrees earned for each applicant.


RecruitScreen's income verification solution provides its clients with an efficient and cost-effective way to verify an individual's income based on information received directly from the IRS. RecruitScreen only requires a release form signed by the applicant and provided to RecruitScreen. Results will be available in 48-72 hours. Report options include Report 1040, Individual Tax Return Transcript; Form W-2; Wage and Tax Statement and Report 1020; Business Tax Return Transcript.*

This service can be utilized for:

  • Pre-employment
  • Risk Reduction
  • Underwriting Process
  • Potential Fraud Detection

* The above reports are available for tax year 2007, 2006, 2005 & 2004. Any report over three years will require additional fees.

Reference Check

It can be difficult to feel that you really know the person that you are hiring. This is where personal and professional references come in handy. Find out whether the references your applicant has truly know the applicant and if so, what kind of person they are with our reference checks. RecruitScreen will call your applicant's personal and professional references and ask them a series of questions in order to help your company feel confident that you are hiring a hard-working, dependable employee. Use RecruitScreen's list of questions or customize your own specific questions that you feel would pertain to the position that you are hiring for.

License & Credentials

Make sure that potential employee or business partner really has the licenses or certifications that they claim to have. The appropriate certifications and licenses are vital in many industries, yet this remains one of the most falsified pieces of information. RecruitScreen will thoroughly check state records to verify that your applicant is truly licensed and to find the state/agency of issuance, the status of the license and the issue and expiration date. We will also check that the license has not been revoked nor had any other actions filed against it.

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